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We offer our auditing services to strengthen financial system and controls to enable our clients to deal more effectively with their business situations, and to better adapt to the changing rules and regulations affecting their business. On reporting side, we provide our client with financial statement prepared according to internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards and provide users with most important required financial information to enable them to make best decisions. We are distinguished by the quality, credibility and insight of our accounting and auditing professionals who take the time and effort to get to know each of our clients and the specific issues they face. We also have the required expertise and experience to assist you in completing your accounts in a timely and accurate manner, with the aid of our customized accounting software which can cater to individual requirements. Our audit and accounting services comprise of:

• External / Statutory Audit 
• Internal & Operational Audit
• Due Diligence  
• Book Keeping & Back Office Support Services
• Investigation